McLaren built its 10,000th road-worthy car

12/15/2016 15:28:55
McLaren built its 10,000th road-worthy car
McLaren is one of those perfect examples of automakers who moved from building race cars for Formula 1 to road-worthy production cars.

McLaren is one of those perfect examples of automakers who moved from building race cars for Formula 1 to road-worthy production cars. The long way it went from, was worth all the hard work even if it took the car brand 42 months to build its first 5,000 cars, and only 22 months to complete the production of its 10,000th car.



McLaren is set to nearly double its year-over year sales in 2016. The automaker sold 1,654 cars in 2015 and expects to hit 3,000 sales in 2016. While those are good sales number for a relatively new full-line supercar manufacturer, they're still short of the competition. Lamborghini had its best year ever in 2015 with 3,245 cars sold. Ferrari plans to expand production to 9,000 cars annually by 2019. McLaren may be able to compete with the big boys on the track, but it still has a ways to go before it can match their sales.



The 10,000th car to roll off the line was a 570S wrapped in Ceramic Grey, a color from McLaren Special Operations. MSO is the division behind awesome cars like the 679-horsepower McLaren MSO HS. The car will be held by the company for its Heritage Collection. The McLaren Sport Series (540C, 570S, and 570GT) were a big boon toward boosting the company's output. An additional production line was built, doubling output from 10 to 20 cars per day.


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